About the Artist

Photography is more than a medium. Like classic mediums, it shares all the same basic characteristics, such as composition, light, tonality, texture, mood and more, but it is unique in that it captures a slice of time that can never be repeated. In this modern world where time races past at an accelerating rate, there is comfort in having the chance to stop the clock and record a moment in time. It gives us the chance to explore a scene, scrutinize the details, and discover beauty where seemingly none existed.

For me, photography is more than art. It is conduit to immerse myself in an environment and live in that moment…truly experience the moment in all its details. The process of setting up my camera, analyzing the light, fine tuning the composition, and waiting for the decisive moment to fire the trigger is peaceful, meditative, and meaningful. Each shot is an evolving study of the subject and its place within the universe.

Because of my approach to the photographic process, the 4x5 view camera suits my style well and I feel connected to the photographers of yore by shooting landscapes using traditional film, equipment and techniques. There is nothing more special than pulling the dark cloth over my head and seeing the image illuminated on that bright ground glass. It takes my breath away every time.

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